Reimagine Aging

When a loved one struggles with aging, the whole family feels it.
Care Pilot is here to help.

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Next-Generation Care Coordination

Care Pilot provides your family with a certified care coordinator and the industry’s best technology platform, delivered through a trusted partner network that knows your loved one’s community.

Your Care Pilot Technology Platform

Your Care Pilot

Certified care coordinator who understands what your family is going through and knows the best local resources for your loved one

Technology Platform

Secure, easy-to-use mobile tools to keep track of your loved one’s critical information and real-time updates from anywhere in the world

Partner Network

Delivered by leading care management home care companies with years of experience providing high-quality service in your loved one’s community

How We Help Your Loved One

Whether managing in-home care, arranging social activities, or communicating with healthcare providers, Care Pilot has your family covered.

Live Safely and Independently

Live Safely and Independently

  • Coordinating home modifications, transportation, moving, and smart home services that keep your loved one safe at home
  • Checking-in regularly on your loved one to watching for warning signs and changes
  • Helping with medication management
Maximize Quality of Life

Maximize Quality of Life

  • Arranging activities that bring joy to your loved one
  • Involving everyone important to your loved one
  • Setting up technology to connect and engage your loved one
Navigate Care

Navigate Care

  • Finding and managing the best local care resources to support your loved one’s needs
  • Advocating for your loved one in any healthcare setting and care transition
  • Communicating with your loved one’s healthcare team
Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

  • Setting up a will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and advance directive
  • Evaluating housing options
  • Understanding Social Security, VA, insurance, and other benefits

Your Path to Peace of Mind

Step 1

Contact Your Local Care Pilot Partner

Our services are delivered through our network of trusted care management home care companies who serve your community. Contact your local Care Pilot partner, and they will find the perfect Care Pilot for your loved one.

We’re launching our first partnerships in late 2017.

Step 2

Conduct an In-Person Assessment

Your certified Care Pilot meets with you and your loved one to assess your loved one’s situation, needs, and goals. This in-person assessment helps your Care Pilot get to know your loved one and builds trust and confidence.

Step 3

Create a Plan

Your Care Pilot works with you and your loved one to create a plan to maximize your loved one’s quality of life. With knowledge of the best local resources, your Care Pilot’s recommendations and oversight ensure your loved one receives the right care at the right time, the right place, and the right costs.

Step 4

Put a Plan into Action

Your Care Pilot executes and manages your loved one’s plan and serves as your single-point-of-contact to make sure all of your loved one’s needs are met. Using our mobile app, you can follow the latest activities and real-time updates on your loved one, and easily communicate with your Care Pilot and other care providers.

Step 5

Achieve Peace of Mind

According to your loved one’s plan, your Care Pilot conducts regular check-in visits and delivers you ongoing progress reports through our mobile app. And our HIPAA-compliant app gives you secure access to all of your loved one’s important information wherever and whenever you need it.

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In 35 years in care management, I have never seen a company expand the field’s ability to serve the whole aging family like Care Pilot has.

They have an emphasis on quality of life as well as quality of care, and their groundbreaking technology platform enables Care Pilots to flawlessly and uniformly deliver gold standard care management.

Cathy Cress, MSW

Cathy Cress, MSW

Leading national expert in Aging Life and Geriatric Care Management, and Author of Handbook of Geriatric Care Management